Our proposal for a novel standard for Multiple Particle Tracking experiments has been released

MIAPTE analysis elements: Entity-Relationship diagram displaying the elements of MIAPTE describing trajectory analysis procedures and results.

In June 2016 we released on fairsharing.org a proposal for a novel minimum information reporting guidelines for Multiple Particle Tracking experiments called  Minimum Information About Particle Tracking Experiments (MIAPTE).

The MIAPTE metadata definition standard is fully OME-XML compatible metadata and we hope it will facilitate the sharing and dissemination of results obtained from Multiple Particle Tracking (MPT) experiments. Specifically, we hope that MIAPTE will contribute to make data produced in MPT experiments FAIR (Findable Accessible Interoperable and Reusable). More info can be found here.

In order to refine and extend MIAPTE we are soliciting comments, suggestions, criticisms from the community.