The MIAPTE particle tracking published on

Our proposal for a Minimum Information About Particle Tracking Experiments standard was published on For more details see: biorxiv 155036


MIAPTE aims at standardizing the process used to extract particle trajectory data from time series and to analyze their motion as well as providing community guidelines for reporting trajectory data and motion analysis results. In order to serve the needs of a diverse set of possible users, MIAPTE guidelines are provided in three formats:
1) A glossary in tabular format, where data elements are presented together with their properties, their definitions, their cardinality, requirement level, as well as recommended sources for their annotation, examples, and notes (Glossary of MIAPTE guidelines).
2) ER diagrams, which depict each entity together with its attributes as well as the relationship between one another (Section 1 and Section 2).
3) XML schema file, which was created based on our implementation of the MIAPTE guidelines in OMEGA. Such schema can be used to generate the corresponding data structures (Section 1 and Section 2).

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