Funding and support

The OMEGA project has received strategic funding and support from the following visionary individuals, institutions and funding agencies:

University of Massachussets Medical School

Since Caterina’s relocation to UMMS, the OMEGA project is being supported by funds provided:

  1. The Program in Molecular Medicine
  2. The Luban laboratory

Eric Hunter at the Emory Vaccine Center

Eric has provided vision, leadership and key financial support to the OMEGA project since 2010. In particular the method to determine the motion type of trajectory segments and to automatically compute the prediction error associated with motion type classification, has been integrated into OMEGA thanks to funding provided entirely by his laboratory. The entire OMEGA team is indebted to him for his generosity and support.

Peter Kunszt now at S3IT – University of Zurich

Peter provided essential seed funding for the development of the OMEGA alpha prototype tool, as part of the Biology IT (SyBIT) initiative. His vision and strategic thinking were essential to get the OMEGA project off the ground. The entire OMEGA team wished to express a strong sense of gratitude to him for his leadership at a critical time in the project history. In addition, special thanks go to Ela Hunt, who provided much needed development strategy advice during our first development cycle.

Jeremy Luban now at PMM – UMass Medical School

As one of OMEGA co-founders, Jeremy has provided key financial (and moral) backing for the OMEGA project from its infancy at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, in Bellinzona Switzerland. His leadership and vision has been essential to ensure the continual viability of this endeavor.

Roberto Mastropietro at ISIN – SUPSI

Roberto, in his role of Director of the Information Systems and Networking Institute (ISIN) of the Department of Innovative Technologies (DTI) of the University of Applied Science of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) in Lugano-Manno, Switzerland, supported OMEGA by hosting a major portion of the development work done to this date. The OMEGA team wishes to extend a big GRAZIE MILLE!to him for his vision and generosity.

Bernd Rinn at the CISD

Bernd and the entire openBIS development team supported OMEGA by sharing their expertise and by providing invaluable help for integrating this software with the openBIS platform. Special thanks go to Kaloyan Enimanev for his help in the development of the OMEGA data model.

Orlando Petrini now at POLE Pharma Consulting

In his quality of Director of the Istituto Cantonale di Microbiologia (ICM), Dipartimento della Sanita’ e della Socialita (DSS), Republica e Canton Ticino in Bellinzona, Switzerland, Orlando supported OMEGA by providing continual and much need encouragement, logistical and scientific support, and advise. GRAZIE!

The laboratory of Vincent Piguet

Martin Lehmann and Vincent Piguet contributed to the OMEGA project by providing test data which was essential for benchmarking purposes through out the development process.


The European Commission 7th Framework Programme for Scientific Research funded OMEGA as part of the THINC consortium (Project number: HEALTH-2007-2.3.2, GA number: HEALTH-F3-2008-201,032 to C. S.-D.-C.)