Alex Rigano


Alex received his Bachelor and Master in Computer Science degrees at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI), while working in the laboratory of Tiziano Leidi. While an undergraduate student he developed a strong interest in parallel programming, and in Tiziano’s laboratory he gave a seminal contribution to the development of Digital Stream-Processing Environment (DSPE), a novel software development environment featuring a visual domain-specific language for designing and implementing stream-processing and signal-processing applications. While working as a software engineer in Tiziano’s lab, he received extensive training in code optimization techniques, multi-core central processing unit programming paradigms, and general purpose graphical processing unit code development. He also built extensive expertise¬†in the development of adaptive programming tools to improve code recycling, fast parallel applications prototyping, and high-performance computing. After joining Caterina’s group at UMMS in 2013 he has had the opportunity to contribute to, and build strong personal connections with the global community of developers producing open-source scientific software for bioimage informatics. In particular, he participated in several Open Microscopy Environment (OME) and ImageJ User and Developer Meetings, where he has presented his work, shared his code, and participated in code-development hackathons. In addition to his ongoing work with OMEGA, his recent efforts include 1) the development of KNIME-enabled software solutions for the laboratories of Michael Brehm and Dale Greiner at UMMS to automatically load pathology images to OMERO and to automatically quantify the extent of human-cell infiltration in Cancer Avatars growing in humanized mice. 2) The development of an interactive graphical user interface based tool to facilitate the collection of Microscopy Metadata for submission to the 4DN data portal.