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There will soon be a vacant/occupied sign outside each microscope rooms. Please use them in addition to the calendar. Microscopes are only to be scheduled for half a day or for a full day, preferably. The start of a microscope session should start on the hour, and end half-past an hour. For example, start at 9am, and end at 11:30am. This allows at least a 30 minute gap between users for proper air exchange to occur in the room.

If there are any questions or suggestions, you can contact Karl Bellve.


Assume the microscope and computers were not properly cleaned previously.
Use only 70% Ethanol, applied to a napkin or kimwipe, except for objectives which require lens paper. Do not spray directly on the microscope or electronics.
You may wear a fresh pair of gloves inside microscope room. Please dispose of them once you are outside of the microscope, and after the door has been shut.

The following should be done before starting your imaging session, and after you have finished.

Power Switches

Assume all power switches are contaminated. You may elect to use gloves and/or wipe them down. If you don't use gloves, please clean your hands immediately before and after touching any power switches. Keys to turn lasers on maybe difficult to clean but should be done.

Keys for lasers do not have to be turned off (and cleaned) after you have finished.


  • Wipe the power button.
  • Wipe the tops of the keys of the keyboard.
  • Wipe the top and sides of the mouse.
  • Wipe down the desk area around the keyboard and mouse.


  • Wipe the top and sides of the oil bottle.
  • Wipe the left and right fine/course Focus control knobs.
  • Wipe the stage surface, especially focusing on the areas you manipulate to insert a slide.
  • Wipe down the front body of the microscope, where your exhaled air would likely land.
  • Wipe down any optical table surface that you might place arms or hands.
  • If equipped, wipe the remote focus control knob.
  • If equipped, wipe down any control pads and/or stage control joysticks.
  • Confirm that the ocular's rubber eyecups are not in place. They should not be used