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Converting from SL to Widefield images

Open a console/shell. The command is 'konsole'

Change to the directory above where your data resides. The command to change directory is 'cd'

For example, if your data is located at /storage/big0/kdb/tesm/20190609/, then you would do the following:

cd /storage/big0/kdb/tesm

convert to i2i from tif

mmtoi2i <directory>

Real Example:

mmtoi2i 20190609

convert from 3 image Structured Light to Wide Field

Enter the data directory using the 'cd' command

Real Example:

cd 20190609


mathi2i -a -S 0.333 0.333 first_phase_0.i2i second_phase_1.i2i - | mathi2i -a -S 0.333 1 third_phase_2.i2i - saved_widefield.i2i
mathi2i -a -S 0.333 0.333 phase-0.i2i phase-1.i2i - | mathi2i -a -S 0.333 1 phase-2.i2i - widefield.i2i

Real Example:

mathi2i -a -S 0.333 0.333 Eduardo_1_405-0.i2i Eduardo_1_405-1.i2i - | mathi2i -a -S 0.333 1 Eduardo_1_405-2.i2i - widefield-405.i2i