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  4 x [http://a.co/d/5193Liu M.2 22 X 110 SSD Aluminum Heatsink]
  4 x [http://a.co/d/5193Liu M.2 22 X 110 SSD Aluminum Heatsink]
== Excitation Filters ==
== Excitation Filters ==

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This is to make a simple lenless two camera CFP/YFP fret imaging Zeiss Axiovert 200M microscope. A QUAD cube already installed on the microscope that matches the dichroic and excitation filters below. Additional emission filter can be installed in front of each camera.

3D printed Adapter

Two Camera Adapter:



2 x Chameleon3

Camera Heat Sinks

These will require slight machining.

4 x M.2 22 X 110 SSD Aluminum Heatsink


Excitation Filters



Need an "Imaging Splitting" Dichroic for the Thorlab CM1-DCH cube:

25.5 x 26 x 2mm  Dichroic from Chroma: https://www.chroma.com/products/parts/t425lpxr

NOTE: A 3mm dichroic does not fit in the CM1-DCH cube.

Thorlab Parts

30 mm Cage Cube: 1 x

1 x CM1-DCH

Snap-On Plastic Dust Cap: 1 x

1 x SM1EC2B

SM1 Lens Tube: 2 x

2 x SM1L03

SM1 Adapter with External C-Mount Threads 2 x

2 x SM1A39

Magnetic Post Base: 2 x

2x PH2E


Distance from microscope to C-Mount is 61.21 mm.

Add 5 mm since using CS-mount camera rather than C-mount camera.

Total distance should be 66.21 to mounting flange of CS-mount camera.

Current distance in model is 64.772mm, which gives 1.438 mm of space

3.119 mm of room between mount and cube.