Two Cam FRET Microscope

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This is for a simple lens-less two camera setup for a Zeiss Axiovert 200M.

This is to make a two camera CFP/YFP fret imaging microscope.

3D printed Adapter

Two Camera Adapter:


2 x Chameleon3

Emission Filters



Need an "Imaging Splitting" Dichroic for the Thorlab CM1-DCH cube:

25.5 x 26 x 2mm  Dichroic from Chroma:

A 3mm dichroic does not fit in the thorlab cube we chose.

Thorlab Parts:

30 mm Cage Cube: 1 x

1 x CM1-DCH

Snap-On Plastic Dust Cap: 1 x

1 x SM1EC2B

SM1 Lens Tube: 2 x

2 x SM1L03

SM1 Adapter with External C-Mount Threads 2 x

2 x SM1A39

Magnetic Post Base: 2 x

2x PH2E


Distance from microscope to C-Mount is 61.21 mm.

Add 5 mm since using CS-mount camera rather than C-mount camera.

Total distance should be 66.21 to mounting flange of CS-mount camera.

Current distance in model is 64.772mm, which gives 1.438 mm of space

3.119 mm of room between mount and cube.