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Microscope Alignment

Sideport Alignment

The Filter Carousel should be removed.

A pen laser is set up on a vertical mount mounted on tghe stage. The laser should centered directly over a ground glass disk with a pin hole that is attached to the objective mount.

Adjust the microscope until center of beam is aligned with target.

Backport Alignment

The Filter Carousel should be installed, and #1 cube should be used.

Install an 8" vertical rod and a small thread rod on top. Only microscope side to side movement should be done.

Recheck Sideport alignment (sans Filter Carousel).

TuCam Alignment

Align the straight-through port, without cameras attached.

Do not have the TuCam dichroic in place.

Use filter cube 1 in the Filter Carousel.

Align beam to center of target.

Andor Zyla 4.2

External 50.2978
External Exposure 99.968
External Start 50.3951
Internal 50.3951
Software 50.2978

Trigger FPS