Edit 3D Grid Widget Help

This widget displays a grid of straight lines. The grid spacing and color can be manipulated. This is useful for visualizing the curvature of an object or its change in position over time. It can also be used to put a wireframe box around the currently viewed object or data volume. By default the grid encompasses the maximum range of the image data dimensions (the MAX button is active). If "V. Sliders" is chosen then the grid encompasses only the subvolume currently selected using the Volume Clipping widget. This is useful when only a subvolume is being examined. [Pushing the L key when the cursor is in the viewing window will make the lines thicker]. The sliders control how many subdivisions there will be in each direction. Thus, setting the X, Y, and Z sliders to 1 will create just a box. The grid lines in any direction can be individually turned on or off by clicking on the button below the slider. The entire grid can be turned on or off by clicking on the ON/OFF button. The color of the 3D grid can be changed by picking the Color button and then selecting the desired color (note, additional colors in the color widget can be displayed by clicking on the large black arrow to the right of the color palette). Some colors may not duplicate well. Pick another color if this occurs.

Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.