File Menu Help in the DAVE master widget

This menu allows you to save the objects, their property settings, and their connectivity information. Menu items which end in ellipses (...) will prompt for a file name to which to write. Items without ellipses write to the previously specified file or to a default location.

Write Configuration...

Saves information about the current colors of the objects and their transparency. It also saves the current view and HOME position. But, be aware, not all information is saved. This configuration file can be read back in with the -A command line option. If you move a configuration file to your home directory and name it .daverc then DAVE will consult it for default initial settings. Hotkeys can also be defined. See the configuration help for more details. See also Slide Show in the Stuff menu.

Configuration Help

More details on configuration files; personalizing DAVE.

Write Objects...

Saves information about objects the user has interactively added to the scene (such as arrows and scale bars using the Edit Other Objects widget). This information can be read back in using the -B command line option.

Write Image...

Pops up a widget which allows the saving of the exact (2D) image seen in the display or a 3D image based upon current slider settings, etc. See the help in this widget for more details. Image files can be large. See also RGB Movie in the Stuff menu.

Write Control Points...

Saves control points specified using the Select Draw Type widget from the Stuff menu in the main DAVE widget.

Read Image

Pops up a widget which prompts for the name of an image (.i2i format) to read in. The image must be of the same dimensions as the currently present image. If two images are currently present, the user is queried as to which of the two images should be replaced. If only one image is currently in DAVE, then it will be replaced; I don't think that the new image can become image2 (the "red" image). More help is available from the Read Image widget.

Write Mesh

This item will only appear if DAVE was invoked with a mesh file (-i command line option). This causes the currently displayed mesh file to be written out in mesh format (I think).

The status of the following commands is unknown:

Write Rpts

Writes out (in pts format) all pts information which was read in. (?)

Write Rpts As...

Writes out (in pts format) all pts information which was read in. (?)

Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.