Stuff Menu Help in the DAVE master widget

This menu should be rarely used

Search Help with Keywords

This is yet another way to pop up a help window to search the online help manuals.

Swap Buffers

If you are using snapshot to save images from DAVE and the image that snapshot is saving does not appear to be the image on the screen, you can do a Swap Buffers; this should change the image on the screen to match the image that snapshot is saving.


This displays a widget which permits one to move through a series of images. It can be used to switch image 1 and image 2 (thus switching colors). It can also play through a series of 3D images, and more. It can also be used when the -i and -e options are used to display a series of intermediate surfaces generated by Simple_2D_wrap when in diagnostic mode. Thus the progress of the shrink_wrap can be examined.

Show Energy Histogram

If energy data is mapped to a surface (-e command line option and "I" key when in the DAVE viewing window) this permits the interactive modification of which energy components are examined and how the energies are mapped to display colors. Primarily to look at energies during a shrink_wrap.

Select Drawing Algorithm

When complicated slice outlines are specified and/or many bifurcations or trifurcations are specified, sometimes dave is not able to correctly turn the wireframe outlines into a proper surface. This widget allows manual interaction with the process to ensure that a proper surface results.

Go Home

Causes the current view in the DAVE viewing window to be set the the HOME view. The same as the HOME button on the DAVE master widget.

Set Home

Causes the definition of "HOME" to be changed to the current view. The same as the "Set Home" button on the DAVE master widget.


Master reset. This resets the current view to the very initial default view. It is useful when the system really gets confused and you see nothing at all.


Resets the event queue. This is useful when the system seems to hang up and ignore events (e.g., seems to ignore the mouse button, key presses, button pushes, etc.).

Remote Control

This widget allows two users at remote sites to see the same view of the same data and hence do remote collaboration and analysis of the data. Each user must have a running version of DAVE and a copy of the dataset. It also allows DAVE to exchange NURB surface data with Larry's Finite Element Shrinkwrap program.

Label Widget

This widget is used to pop up a text label on the screen. This label can be saved into a movie script for later playback.

Slide Show

This widget allows the user to save many views (as with Set Home, but many views can be stored). Each view can be labelled informatively and returned to easily.


This option is used in conjunction with Edit Data Planes to display an arbitrary plane through the data and enable the interactive outlining of objects in the arbitrary plane. Choosing this option enables a pop-up menu (button 3) when the mouse cursor is in the Display window. See planimeter help (choose Options on the pop-up menu) for more details. See also Edit Other Objects for creating polygons. See Edit Crosshairs for creating linked line segments in 3D.

RGB Movie

Pops up a widget that records images created by DAVE and also writes them out to a file (or two files if in stereo). Also plays back movies. Note: the movie stuff here is totally different from Create Movies on the Goodies menu.

Best Path

Given two points in 3D this widget finds the best path between them.
Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.