Edit Miscellaneous Properties Help

This widget lets you change some miscellaneous properties.

Z Magnification

Currently this does not work. Eventually it will let you change the z magnification (z spacing) interactively instead of only on the command line (-z option).

Wire Increment

When an object is displayed in wireframe mode, usually every wireframe contour is displayed. If this is set to 2, then every other wireframe contour is displayed. A setting of 3 means display every third contour, etc. This is useful if the display is too cluttered with contour lines. This can also be done on the command line with the -g option.

Wire Cross-Hatch Increment

In addition to displaying contour lines, you can also display lines "along the length" of the objects (i.e., perpendicular to the contour lines). Thus the object surface appears to be cross-hatched. This option lets you control how many of these lines you see (in the same manner as the Wire Increment specification). Pressing the H key (capital H) when the cursor is in the main display window turns the cross-hatch mode on and off. Cross hatches will look very strange unless there are the same number points in each contour. By default, DAVE resamples each contour specified in a pts file to have the same number of points (see the -n command line option).

Plane Increment

This option controls which data volume z planes are displayed. The specification is the same as for Wire Increment. This option only works (I think) when you are displaying data volumes in planes mode and by z planes. Normally, when in planes mode, DAVE picks which planes it shows (x,y, or z planes) depending upon orientation. You should lock DAVE into zplane mode before using this option. This is done by selecting the Volume Debugging widget from the menu in the Edit Volume widget. Then click on the Z button and the Override button. Note: setting the plane increment to something other than 1 before you have done this may crash the system.

Line Width of Wireframe

This lets you specify the width of all of the wireframe lines (and boxes) in the display window. Alternatively, pressing the L key when the cursor is in the display window will toggle through a bunch of line thicknesses. This makes the lines seem a little brighter. Thicker lines may also be easier to see if you take a picture (a slide or a print) or if you are using stereo glasses which tend to cut out some light.

Revolution Angle

This sets the number of degrees that the image will rotate with each update. It is simply a more precise way of setting the rotation angle than by clicking on the rotation angle slider in the DAVE Master widget. Setting a precise angle is particularly important if you want to make a movie and you want to rotate (in small steps) precisely 360 degrees. In that circumstance you need to specify a rotation angle which is an exact divisor of 360. Note: this entry does not change when the rotation angle is modified by clicking on the rotation angle slider. Also, its entry is not sent to DAVE unless a new number (which may be the same as the previous number) has been entered. Thus just pressing "return" will not resend the current entry. It must be re-entered.
Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.