More Objects Options Help

Objects which have been dropped are automatically added to the list of objects. At any time one object is chosen for manipulation. Its name is displayed under "Objects". Existing objects can be toggled through by pressing the left button while on the object name. Alternatively, holding down the middle button will pop up a menu of object names from which to choose. Objects can be displayed in one of several modes. Available modes are surface, wireframe, mesh, and string. Modes are toggled through by cliking with the left button on the word under "MODE" or by picking from menu gotten by holding down the middle mouse button while on the word under "MODE". Different object types (eg, arrow, text) may only be able to be displayed in some subset of these modes.


The font size for the displayed text can be chosen by clicking through the available fonts with the left mouse button while the cursor is in the FONT box (the box below the word "FONT", i.e., the box in which the current font name is displayed). Alternatively, holding the right mouse button down while in this box causes the entire menu of font options to pop up to choose from. The displayed font and font size can be changed at any time but all of the displayed text strings show up in the same font and font size.

Font size is changed by typing a number into the FONT SIZE box.

The color of each displayed string can be specified separately. The color must be chosen before the string is dropped into the scene. To pick a new color from a color palette just click on the color bar (which is blue by default).

3D Axis

The axis labels are set by typing the desired label into the specified box.The default is the label the x-axis "X", y-axis "Y", and z-axis "Z". The colors for each axis can be changed by clicking on the color bar for each axis. This will display a list of colors to pick from.


Arrows can be changed to a wireframe display, and the color of the wireframe modified. Set the "Objects" name to the desired arrow (see above). By clicking on MODE the display can be changed from SURFACE to WIREFRAME. Clicking on COLOR pops up a color widget for choosing colors.

NOTE: this widget has not been extensively tested.

Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.