Slideshow Widget Help

This widget lets you easily save many different views of your data and then jump between them, save them to a file, or read back a previously saved slideshow. It is similar to the Set Home button on the DAVE Master widget but has many advantages: it doesn't change the default HOME position, more than one view can be saved at a time, and the views can be titled in an informative manner. In addition, not only the current viewing parameters, but also the positions of the currently displayed widgets are saved.

In order to save a view, just click on SAVE VIEW. A line will automatically be added to the display area identifying this view. If you ever want to return to this view, just click on the line. If may take a short while (10-20 seconds?) for DAVE to jump to the view.

Slideshow Menu

Auto-Select Names

When this is chosen, DAVE decides on a name for the current view. Otherwise the user can type in any descriptive name desired.

Start slide show

When picked, this causes DAVE to cycle through all of the views in the slideshow.

End slide show

This stops DAVE from cycling through views in the slideshow.

Pause Time

This allows the user to specify the amount of time to pause in each view when cycling through a slide show.

Delete View

Deletes the current view from the slide show.

Delete All Views

Deletes all the views from the slide show.

Read Slide Show File

Reads in a previously saved set of slide show views.

Write Slide Show File

Writes the current set of slide show views to a file.
Copyright 1995 by Lawrence M. Lifshitz and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. All rights reserved.