Widget Control Help

This widget gives you additional control over popping up and hiding all of DAVE's widgets. All of the widgets are listed in the display area (you can scroll through with the scroll bar on the left). Each widget is initially assigned a unique class id. If you click on a widget name in the display area it will become highlighted in yellow and its class id will be displayed in the Class box at the bottom of the widget. This class id can be changed by typing a new number into the Class id box.

Widgets with the same class id will appear and disappear together.

This permits a user to group widgets together into custom groupings for easy manipulation.

Widget Control Menu

Show/Hide Widget

When this item is checked, all the widgets which are currently displayed on the screen will be highlighted in yellow. In addition, if an additional widget name is clicked on it will become highlighted and it will also be displayed. Similarly, if a highlighted widget name is clicked on it becomes deselected and the widget will be hidden.
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